Alice, together with her husband and 3 children, live in Kibera, Nairobi’s largest slum. Alice hopes to escape the cycle of poverty by taking this opportunity God has given her to create these beautiful Up-Cycled Products. She looks forward to the day she will be able to manage her own rent, school fees and food as she works hard producing hand-made products. She wants her children to know what it means to walk proudly with dignity and grace in a hostile and challenging environment. Thank you for supporting Alice through these, one-of-a-kind products she has created for you.

Elephant Key Chains

Off-Cut pieces of leather transformed into something beautiful. Let’s be honest, we all have those spare keys lying around that need a proper (cool) Key Chain! Each one is unique and made by hand.

Up-Cycled Leather Elephant Table Cloth Weights

Don’t let your tablecloth blow away or find itself dragging through your food.  Simply clip these weights on the bottom of your tablecloth and your tablecloth will stay in place even on those breezy days. Made from off-cut leather pieces, weighted brass beads and beautiful decorative African beads to give you a product that is unique, stylish and functional.  Sold in a set of 4.