Selpher lives with her husband Vincent and 2 children in an area called Githurai in Nairobi. Two and a half years ago Selpher and Vincent lost there first born son Lewis (11) to a sickness that could easily have been treated but was misdiagnosed by a Doctor at their local clinic. Click here to read the story. As you can imagine, Selpher fell into a deep depression and took more than 2 years for her to recover from her loss. Parents should never have to see their children die!

Vincent works as a gardener and Selpher as a Day Laborer (Small jobs from day to day that pay very little but puts food on the table). These jobs could include anything from cooking for someone, cleaning, doing laundry etc.

Unfortunately these jobs are sporadic and for this reason, Selpher is excited about her small Micro Business where she makes beautiful Up-Cycled Kanga Necklaces. Her business is still very small but she is hopeful that it will grow into something that will better provide for her and her family.

Up-Cycled Kanga Necklaces

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